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Unlock Your New Season of Supernatural Blessings!

God is revealing an extraordinary season of change and blessing just for you. By acting in faith, you can open the way for an immediate move of God’s Spirit in your life. As Prophet Tracy has shared, your joy and fulfillment are in tomorrow, and it begins with what you do today!

Your Steps to Blessing:

  1. Act in Faith: Touch the five anointed prayer cloths, anoint your forehead, and believe BIG in God's promises.

  2. Share Your Greatest Need: Tell us the miracle you need most on our James 5:14 Prayer Web Page.

  3. Sow Your Seed Offering: The Holy Spirit is leading you to sow a seed of $73, $41, or $35. This act of faith prepares you for the supernatural events God is about to unfold in your life.

Experience the Supernatural Move of God: Take this Faith Step today, and watch how your faith affects your spiritual seasons. A powerful new anointing will change everything!

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