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Prophetic Words

Word Of The Lord
September 16, 2023

For thus saith the Lord, " Lift up your eyes and look. For I have called thee to be victorious in every way and every area. For though there have been setbacks, you will now see the greatest turn around than ever before thus far in your life. For now, saith the Lord, I am sending my angels to go before you as you will soon step into the door of opportunities. For I have seen the tears and have heard the cries that have come before me, saith the Lord. So now, my angels are with you as you take a step of faith and obey My Word.

Watch as I speak miracles, healings, and financial breakthroughs. This WILL happen, saith the Lord. Every door that was closed will open and remain open, saith God. For I will show my favor. As My presence goes with you so shall you have favor in places you haven't been able to reach.

For I, the Lord, will move the hindrance! This is a time for victories! For I, thy God, will strengthen you and you will not fo under, saith the Lord. You will go over!

For now, I breathe the breath of victory over you and your house. So rejoice, My child, joy comes now, saith the Lord your God!

Praise God! New doors are opening and angels have been dispatched on your behalf. As the Lord spoke, YOU ARE GOING OVER AND NOT UNDER!

-Prophet Tracy A. Cooke


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