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God desires to have a personal relationship, one-on-one, with us.


So many times in the battlegrounds of life we experience fatigue and loss. It is in these moments that we reach out needing a touch from the Master. But how do we move from the place of defeat to the majestic touch of Jesus?


In this 1-hour long teaching, Prophet Tracy goes into detail giving you revelation and teaching on how to move from the lowliness of defeat to the realms of touching Jesus. Find the keys to reaching out like the woman with the issue of blood did and receiving your miracle.


You are just one touch away from receiving that which God says you can have. You are a child of the Most High and it is your covenant right to receive your destiny and purpose for this life!


Download this audio message today and let's go from defeat to purpose!

The Tangible Touch

SKU: TTT-001
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