Tracy Cooke

Tracy Allen Cooke is the founder of Cooke Revivals Ministries. His teaching and preaching are both practical and powerful, encouraging men and women of God to live up to their full potential in Christ. He received the gift of salvation and gave not only his heart but also his life to God in November of 1992.  In December 1993, he answered the call to preach the precious gospel of Jesus Christ. In his earlier years, he served as an Assistant Pastor of a local assembly, where he served diligently in covering the ministry in prayer, teaching Bible School, and assisting the pastor in disciplining the saints. Prophet Tracy Cooke spent many years traveling as an evangelist throughout North Carolina, bringing the truth of God’s Word back to the heart of His people. He has ministered on radio and on television programs such as It's Supernatural and Something More. Prophet Tracy Cooke is not only known for the power of the prophetic anointing that rests upon his ministry, but also for the ministry of signs, wonders, and miracles. He is the founder of the Elisha Training Center, a prophetic school. Prophet Tracy is one whom God has raised up out of the obscure place, to a platform that influences nations. Presently, he is ministering in revivals throughout the US and Globally. 

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