Please leave your prayer requests here. They will immediately be sent to our prayer warriors and intercessors where they will be praying on your behalf.

A copy will also go to Prophet Tracy where he will place it on his altar and pray over it daily.


What others have to say.
Robbie White

Rev. Tracy helped me find my way again after being lost for too long. You have changed my life and I thank you for helping me hear the Lord's call! 


Riley Jones

While attending one of your revivals, you alerted me to an affliction I did not realize was there. I went and got it checked and you were right! We were able to treat it before it got too far to help. God bless you!

Payton Hillman

I have followed you to most of your revivals and it has been an amazing journey! God blesses those who follow His Word, thank you Rev.Tracy for delivering it!